Time & Space

Meet Paul Davis

We’re honored to play a role in the release of this short documentary about Paul Davis, a basketball coach with an inspiring story of overcoming a violent and traumatic past, using basketball and family as his guiding light towards a life of love and fulfillment. 

Players Voice

We partnered with the NBPA, Hassan Rahim, Nikkolos Mohammed, and Bradley Ward to create custom works to honor and celebrate the collective efforts of the brotherhood to push through the pandemic and bring basketball back while also fighting for social justice. #PlayersVoice

On View: Greg Ito
Opening tonight in Los Angeles, Greg Ito’s Apparition -
In six new paintings Ito deep-dives into his expansive cinematic compositions. These works contemplate themes of new life, metamorphosis, and the ghosts we live with—personal history, generational trauma, and the invisible weight of being alive. Among Ito’s subjects are flaming hillsides of Southern California, sprawling city streets surveilled by helicopters, and smoky sunsets; this darker imagery is contrasted by blooming poppies, flittering ginkgo leaves, and butterflies.

In Glasses

This week we return to an old favorite Sweet Berry Wine by Las Jaras, which features the legendary Dr. Steve Brule on the label, 52% Carignan | 25% Zinfandel | 12% Charbono | 11% Petite Sirah 

On rotation…

Meek Mill’s latest release, Expensive Shit features artwork by Franchise Issue 04 cover artist Nina Chanel Abney, we’ll be on the lookout for the vinyl release.

Monarchs: Generative Butterfly NFTs
Releasing next week, Monarchs by Eric Hu, 888 Editions of one, Each Monarch is uniquely and randomly generated and will only reveal themselves after minting. Butterflies emerging spontaneously from the ether, Monarchs is a limited edition series of generative NFTs by Eric Hu with procedural animation by Roy Tatum. Each artwork features a unique one-of-a-kind butterfly with varying wing shapes, colors, bodies, and patterns.

Kush Jones - Black is the Color
New long player by Franchise artist Kush Jones!

Bernadette Mayer's Writing Experiments
* Pick a word or phrase at random, let mind play freely around it until a few ideas have come up, then seize on one and begin to write. Try this with a non- connotative word, like "so" etc. * Systematically eliminate the use of certain kinds of words or phrases from a piece of writing: eliminate all adjectives from a poem of your own, or take out all words beginning with 's' in Shakespeare's sonnets. * Rewrite someone else's writing. Experiment with theft and plagiarism.